Interplanetary Gatsby


May 05, 2019

Ok here’s the quick rundown:

  • You should see a reassuring number zero on your Brave browser or legacy browser-plus-adblocker
  • There’s no analytics or funny pixels or javascript trackers or anything like that
  • Or cookies and other such tricks


  • I use Cloudflare’s IPFS Gateway, which serves this website from their CDN if you access it by the domain name
  • It seems like they add a cookie of their own supposedly for abuse prevention
  • I’m not sure if that means I should legally add the dreaded cookie “agree or… there’s no ‘or’, you have to agree’” annoyware. If you know more about this and you think I should, please let me know
  • If Cloudflare’s cookie bothers you, you can access this website via any IPFS gateway, like this: You can replace “” with any gateway you want

There’s an upside to Cloudflare though:

  • They serve this website over a Tor onion service v3 by using an onion alt-svc header. So if you use the Tor browser to visit, you’re that much better off.


Written by @agentofuser who lives and works on 🌎 Earth building useful things. You should follow them on Twitter